How Do WaitRPads Benefit Restaurants?

  Restaurants spend more on payroll than any other business expense. So, it makes sense to use those employees to generate sales. There are plenty of ways to encourage employees to become your best resource and there are tools to help those employees do just that. Service is your business and to keep your customers […]

The Benefits of Thermal Paper and Printing

Thermal printing, using heat to produce an image on paper, continues to grow in popularity. Thermal printers are more efficient than their traditional counterparts, but they’re also more cost effective and beneficial for various industries. Thermal has a specialty coating that allows for inkless printing. When heat is applied to the coating, the result is […]

What is the Best Till Roll Paper for your Restaurant?

The restaurant industry is really at the foundation of social outings in the 21st century. People dine out for date nights, special occasions, holidays, birthdays, business meetings, networking activities; the reasons for restaurant dining are almost limitless. That said, many restaurants will close or switch owners in the first three years of operation. It’s important […]

Decreasing Ticket Times

The good news for the restaurant industry is that people like to eat out.  In fact, a study found that Brits spend more than £288,000 eating out in their lifetimes. For operators, this “good news” means that speed matters.  Longer than expected ticket times puts venues at risk for fewer table turns, lower sales, poor […]

Removable vs. DuraPeel™ Labels

Food labelling is incredibly important and as the laws get more strict, proper labelling is only going to become more important. There are many options available for food labels but it can be hard to know which label is right for you. When you use products from NCCO, you can rest assured knowing whatever you […]