Food Labels and Sustainability

Product labels are an important factor in the food industry; whether you’re at the grocery store, deli, or in restaurants, a small label can make a big impact.

Labelling goes beyond just identifying what’s in the product or what its nutritional value is. With a labelling system in your restaurant you can be confident knowing that not only are you protecting your financial assets, you’re making an environmental difference as well.

In the EU, an estimated 88 million tonnes of food is wasted annually and an average of 1/3 of all food produced globally is lost, either during processing or at the retail and consumer levels. Food safety, consumer safety and economic and environmental factors contribute to the growing importance to improve restaurant sustainability. In an industry that continues to become more competitive every year, finding ways to stand out is critical; creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious business plan can do just that.

So, where do you start? Simply stated, start with food labels.

NCCO International has an array of products designed to help save you time, money, product, and help with sustainability. Our Date Code Genie improves production and safety in your restaurant kitchen. You’ll reduce your food waste with accurate and consistent labelling. You’ll save on labour costs as it is such a simple solution to a multi-dimensional problem.

The simplified process of food prep will save you time and money. Don’t just take our word for it; take a look at this testimonial video all about the Date Code Genie.

Another sustainable solution we’re proud of is our dissolving food safety labels. If you’re still concerned about and interested in implementing sustainable, efficient and safe ways to make an impact, our biodegradable, dissolving food rotation labels are exactly what you need. They dissolve completely in water so you’ll produce less paper waste while still ensuring your food prep is labelled and used correctly.

As leaders in the food industry, we understand market trends and try to assist our customers by creating innovative products to make running a restaurant just a little bit easier.

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