Labelling Made Easy with the Date Code Genie®

If you are looking for a solution to making your food labelling easier and more efficient, the Date Code Genie® and SecureIt® Tamper-Evident Labels will help you save time and increase productivity.

Your business is unique, which is why you need a system that can be tailored to your exclusive needs – the Date Code Genie® is designed to do exactly that. This automated labelling system takes the guesswork out of food descriptions, prep dates and expiration dates, and it also prints labels with ingredient lists, allergens and more.

DateIt® Food Rotation labels can be used in several areas of your business.

  • You can use them to label prepped food in and out of the cooler, and they are perfect on take-away containers.
  • They will help you rotate food to reduce food spoilage.
  • They help your kitchen avoid cross-contamination and the possibility of foodbourne illness.
  • They are designed to be used on disposable surfaces, including plastic wrap, tinfoil and paper bags. This makes the labels ideal for food containers and wrapped food.

SecureIt® labels are perfect for restaurants that deliver often.

  • SecureIt® labels feature special cuts that will break if they are tampered with. If delivery drivers break into the food before it is delivered, the seal will break and reveal the tampering. This will also come in handy at your store to prevent individuals from opening food but not purchasing it.
  • SecureIt® Tamper-Evident Date Code Genie® labels are an especially great option if your food operation does a lot of food delivery and take-away or offers quick grab-and-go options. Print ingredients, nutrition facts, allergens and the sell-by date on the labels at the touch of a button.

SecureIt® labels and the Date Code Genie® will protect your customers, increase profits and eliminate food waste.

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