The Rise of Convenience Store Profits

As new diets are gaining footing in society and healthy foods are becoming increasingly popular, the foodservice industry is continuing to grow and expand. One large area of growth is the convenience store. Convenience stores are precisely that: convenient. However, foods offered at convenience stores are not always the healthiest options. If shops want to continue to increase their profits, they need to start carrying healthy foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, among other high-protein, low-fat options.

As the foodservice industry continues to grow and expands to convenience stores, the industry is forced to adapt to consumer preference. Right now, that preference is no longer just quick food options, but quick and healthy food options. When looking for a healthy option, customers are looking for food that is clearly labelled so they can see if it fits within their diet and meets any dietary restrictions if they have any. Food safety must be a priority all convenience stores. One way to carry out food safety is through the use of clear labelling.

Packaging and labelling can make or break a sale. If food does not have clear labelling with a list of ingredients, potential allergens, the date of preparation, and sell-by date, consumers may not make the purchase and may move on to another shop. Expired food goes to waste and profits drop instead of increasing. To keep profits climbing by taking advantage of the healthy food trend, shops need to invest in an intuitive labelling system.

The Date Code Genie® makes labelling as convenient as the shop itself. Consumers will easily be able to check the ingredient list and sell-by date to decipher whether or not the product fits their dietary requirements, matches their definition of healthy, and is still fresh and safe for consumption. Professionally printed labels help consumers feel like they are making a healthy decision. Empowered with that information, consumers will keep making in-store food purchases which will continue to make profits at convenience stores rise.

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