Why the Date Code Genie® is the Best Restaurant Management Tool

Management is tough in any industry, but restaurant managers face their own set of unique challenges to overcome.

In a highly competitive market, the restaurant industry can be difficult to navigate. While it’s impossible to alleviate every stressor, our goal at NCCO International is to create products that make your job easier. The Date Code Genie is the perfect tool to make restaurant management just a little more controllable; here’s how:


Food safety is increasingly important as the industry globalises and media becomes more involved and available. Social media and review sites have brought conversations on food safety directly to consumers, it’s no longer a matter of health inspections and ratings. Public knowledge of food safety is important for creating a food safety culture but can increase challenges for restaurants. The Date Code Genie standardises food labels so there are no discrepancies between products and minimises the chances of human error. With the Date Code Genie, food safety has never been easier.


With high turnover rates, training can seem like an endless cycle of wasted time. Luckily, the Date Code Genie is simple to use and easy to master. Instead of spending hours training new employees on a complex system for dating and food storage, the Date Code Genie streamlines the process. Simply choose the food item you are prepping and press print. All pertinent and necessary food safety information is automatically printed on the label. Team members won’t have to memorise colours and expiration dates to keep the kitchen safe and efficient. The Date Code Genie will help ensure consistent food prep, minimise waste and reduce labour costs.


Staying competitive with creative marketing ideas can be another challenge for restaurant managers. The Date Code Genie takes a small step in growing your brand. With the ability to place a custom logo on printed labels, you can extend your branding beyond the restaurant. Automated labelling gives you the option to add allergen notifications, key ingredients and other kinds of information that sets you apart from the competition.

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