Cutting Down on Food Waste

The zero-waste trend is defining how consumers everywhere eat and shop. Consumers are increasingly relying less on one-use items as well as composting. Both individuals and restaurants are doing their best to cut down on food waste as part of the movement, too.

The younger generations are not the only ones embracing this concept. It seems everyone is catching on, so much so that the zero-waste movement is becoming less of a trend and more of a long-standing practice. Cutting down on food waste is good for business, as it helps reduce cost and can boost profit by catering to individuals who prefer to dine at eco-friendly restaurants.

One of the easiest ways you can avoid food waste at your restaurant is by taking advantage of proper food labels. By properly labelling foods with the DateIt™ Food Rotation Labelling System, restaurants can avoid excess food waste. The DateIt™ labelling system includes a variety of label types for all food preparation situations.

Use-First labels will ensure kitchen staff is using the food which were delivered first, rather than opening a new package when perfectly good product has already been opened.

Item/Date/Use By labels allow staff members to clearly label what the item is, when it was prepped and by who, the temperature it was refrigerated at and when it is safe to use.

Organised labels take the guesswork out of food preparation and food safety and staff members will reduce food wasted by closely following the labels and using up food before it spoils.  Watch for this trend to become more prominent in 2020, and make sure your restaurant is focusing on reducing on food waste with proper food labelling.

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