Petrol Stations & Food Safety

The foodservice industry grows larger all the time, encompassing more than restaurants these days. As the industry continues to grow and adapt to consumer preferences, we will continue to see new types of food services pop up. In the EU, the grocery sector is seeing the largest growth in convenience stores, discounters, and online grocery. By 2021, the total value of the EU Grocery Market is expected to grow to £196.9 billion.* Shoppers are responding to filling stations offering a wider variety of high quality foods. By 2021, the convenience sector could represent a quarter of grocery market profits.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 23 million people fall ill every year from unsafe foods. This means food safety awareness is more important than ever—to consumers and business owners alike. Years ago people did not use gloves when cooking in restaurants, now that concept is disgusting and strange. This is the same way we need to feel about food labelling, cross contamination and other food safety concerns. Many convenience stores are working fast to change the way they’re preparing, storing and handling food because the products they serve have changed and expanded.

One way you can easily heighten your operations food safety is by incorporating NCCO International’s DateIt Food Safety labels. With a wide variety of styles, adhesives and languages to choose from, these labels can help any kitchen implement a custom food safety program.

The challenge for convenience stores is that food service is not the only service they provide. It is difficult to make food safety a priority when you are handling petrol, lottery and other various types of sales as well as food.

Awareness is the best way to prevent foodbourne illness associated with unsafe food conditions. Proper labelling, food storage and handling, customer contact, surface storage, take-away storage and food contact surfaces are just a few of the issues that are particularly important to convenience stores.


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