SecureIt® so they Do Not Steal It

Imagine that it is the weekend and you are browsing options for food delivery. Flash forward one hour – the food arrives, your stomach is growling, and the smell has you drooling. However, it is clear your food has been tampered with. Bites have been taken out of your dish, and you have fewer chips than you should.

This might seem like an unspeakable, nightmare situation, but the fact of the matter is that this experience is becoming commonplace. In fact, more than 1/3 of food delivery drivers have been caught on camera stealing food from an order. Not only is tampering with food gross and untrustworthy, it is highly unsanitary. Imagine taking a sip of your drink, only to find out that your delivery driver had already indulged in it.

So, as a foodservice provider, what can you do to ensure this does not continue to happen? SecureIt® Tamper-Evident Labels are the ideal solution for all takeaway and delivery food. These labels are crafted with an aggressive adhesive and special cuts that will break if tampered with. Four different label sizes and shapes are made to fit a range of packaging – ensuring that your customers and restaurants will be protected from potential tampering. Because if you SecureIt®, they cannot steal it.

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