Why Are Proper Food Labels & Dispensers So Important?

If you find yourself trying to decipher handwritten food labels, it may be a great time to re-evaluate the labelling system you are using. Handwriting labels is an ineffective way of labelling food – primarily because this technique often does not include the information necessary for proper food labelling practices and it is not sanitary. Proper food rotation labels, such as the DateIt™ system, can solve this issue.

Imagine your food prep processes using organised food labels that sit in a dispenser with no risk of falling on the floor, and only the label you are using gets touched. Using NCCO’s food label dispensers or the Date Code Genie®, you will be left with organised, easy-to-read labels that are food-safe. Our labels come in multiple styles, such as dissolvable, reusable, removable and permanent labels. They take the guesswork out of food prep and labelling.

Often, when cheap labels are removed from a container, they leave a residue that can pose a contamination risk. Proper food labels may be a higher cost, but the cost you would have to pay if you were cited by a health department for unsanitary health practices is much higher. The risk is not worth it when there is a simpler way of food labelling, such as the DateIt™ system or the efficiency and ease the Date Code Genie® smart, automatic labelling system provides.

You might wonder, why is a food labelling dispenser necessary? Consider how many hands would handle a roll of labels you rely on for food labelling. Each roll gets tossed from one hand to the next, thrown on random counter tops that may or may not be clean, and even dropped on the floor. Imagine how many germs the roll picks up because of this. Then you pick that roll up again, remove a label and place it on a clean food prep container. You probably continue with your day, prepping more food and failing to wash your hands in-between. Label dispensers would eliminate this unsanitary situation from happening – and they make keeping labels organised and accessible very easy.

Food labels and their dispensers offer a standardised, organised, easy-to-use, universal way to label food.
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