How to Create a More Sustainable Restaurant

Menus used to be designed around what chefs wanted to cook and what they knew their customers wanted to eat. Things are not so cut and dry anymore. More guests are concerned with what is in their food and where it comes from. More awareness means restaurants have a more responsibility than ever. It is not just about what people like to eat anymore. One of 2019’s major trends is a shift to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious dining experience. So, how do you adhere to safety standards while focusing on sustainability? Here are a few ideas:

Buy Local:

When you are using local ingredients you have to be prepared to change your menu based on what is in season. Your food will be fresh and you will have fewer transportation costs. The quality of your food will impress your customers and improve their overall experience. Plus, your customers will know exactly where their food is from.

Invest in Environmentally-Friendly Supplies:

It is not always possible to use reusable products because of cross-contamination but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to be green. Take till rolls for example, many customers are wanting only digital receipts, but digital receipts can heighten your business’ chance to be targets of fraudulent activity.

Food prep is critical to both food safety and sustainability. When you know which products get used first and all labels are uniform and consistent, food waste is reduced. Plus, NCCO International’s dissolving labels are biodegradable and can be washed off easily so you can reuse storage containers.

It Goes Beyond Food:

Think about upgrading to energy efficient equipment. You will show customers that you care and you will likely save on energy bills. Go green with your lighting, maintain your equipment and invest in materials that can help reduce water waste. Consider a décor style that boasts sustainability. Vintage is in and that means refurbishing décor and furniture!

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