How to Use Technology to Increase Restaurant Sales

If you are in the restaurant industry you are well aware of the variables impacting your success: competition, menu, food trends, customer experience, labour costs and food production, to name but a few. So how to do you attempt to secure a successful restaurant in the midst of so many variables? Luckily in this day and age technology can play a pivotal role. There are specific things that you can do that go beyond the walls of your restaurant and then there are some changes you can make from within. Here are some technological ideas that can increase sales:

Outside Technology:
Technology has pretty much taken over our daily lives between social media, mobile devices, and various apps the opportunities to get your name out there are endless. Creating a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option—it is a necessity. Most people search for restaurants before they decide where to eat. You can run promotions, display your menu and announce events in real time right from your website or social media page.

Online ordering is another way to boost sales. Whether you add take-away options or hire a third-party company to deliver on your behalf, it is the one aspect of the restaurant industry that consistently continues to grow. People want to enjoy their favorite restaurant food from the comforts of their couch. Having a restaurant app is another way to make dining at your restaurant easy and efficient. People can order ahead and take-away, reserve a table or check wait times from their mobile.

Inside Technology:
Once you have used outside technology to get customers into the restaurant there are some things you can do on the inside to ensure customer experience and restaurant efficiency. You can use your receipts to encourage customer surveys. This will provide insight into what your customers really think. Using the Date Code Genie® to keep labelling uniform, easy to read and efficient is another way to avoid food waste and cross-contamination. You can also use receipts to promote a loyalty program to encourage repeat business.

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