Innovation through Team Operations

Without the proper tools in place, it is much more difficult to achieve success and be innovative. Struggling with inefficient systems can cause unnecessary strain on a restaurant and its employees. The stress the team is experiencing can be felt by the customers, who may stop frequenting your restaurant due to diminishing quality of service. The right tools will help your restaurant run more efficiently, saving both time and money.

Proper Training
Ensuring you have properly trained employees is the first step to building a cohesive team. Training manuals and checklists should be in place so that everyone is following proper protocol. All employees should have a clear understanding of company-wide practices and policies. A thorough training approach will go a long way.

Good communication is the key to any strong team. Employees should feel comfortable expressing their needs and concerns. They should feel comfortable talking through stressful situations and disputes with other teammates. All changes to the menu, equipment, supplies, practices and policies should be clearly communicated to everyone on staff. Failing to properly communicate about changes can cause feelings of isolation in uninformed employees, which can cause their performance to suffer.

Labelling Systems
You should never be using broken equipment or inefficient systems at your restaurant, whether it is a faulty freezer or unprofessional scrap paper for taking orders. Instead, rely on simple, yet effective solutions. The Date Code Genie® provides smart labelling solutions at your command and will save time and increase productivity. Not only will you ensure food safety, but you will reduce food waste by accurately labelling foods. If you notice that orders are frequently muddled, it may be time to invest in WaitRpads® or OrderPADS™. Rather than using an impersonal iPad or a piece of scrap paper, WaitRpads and OrderPADS will allow servers to write down orders in an organised manner. This will improve communication between front and back of house and decrease mistakes.

Give your team the tools it needs to succeed and lead as an innovator; it will make all the difference.
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