The Importance of Tamper-Evident Labels

Product tampering can cause a ripple-like effect on business, industry, consumers and the economy. When a product is tampered with it must be pulled from shelves which also causes a significant amount of waste. Tampering can refer to many different forms of sabotage, but in this case, refers to the intentional modification of products in a way that makes them harmful for consumers. Food tampering can happen during any point of the food production process.

Consumers and retailers can take action to prevent and identify food tampering in a number of different ways. You can’t always recognise tampered food. However, the following practices may reduce the risk of serving contaminated food:

  • Purchase only from reputable vendors.
  • Be familiar with the foods you purchase, prepare and serve.
  • Examine foods before use. Do not use foods with foreign objects or an unusual odor, texture, or appearance.

Aside from customer safety, there are other benefits to using NCCO International’s SecureIt™ labels. Using SecureIt™ Labels also ensures brand integrity. They show customers that you take food safety seriously and that you have taken steps to prevent food tampering. SecureIt™ Labels feature a strong adhesive and special cut to help prevent tampering.

Learn more about NCCO International’s tamper-evident labels.

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