Creating a Memorable Experience for Restaurant Guests

When guests leave your restaurant, you want them to leave with a positive memorable experience so that they will come back again and again. It goes without saying that food should be superior—and that is the predominant factor guests focus on—but you also need to create an inviting experience. With a sea of restaurants that also have delectable food, your restaurant must take it a step further. If you want to create a memorable dining experience that keeps guests returning to your restaurant and recommending it to their family and friends, not only should you focus on creating an inviting experience, but you should also focus on speed and accuracy.

Part of creating an inviting experience includes waiting staff that is both knowledgeable and welcoming. A great server goes a long way in making a positive impact on guests. If servers use guests’ names and thank them for dining in, guests will feel like their patronage is appreciated.  

Speed and accuracy are of the utmost importance at every restaurant. Waiting guests are not happy guests. While guests may understand having to wait for a table at a busy restaurant, they will not appreciate having to wait excessively to receive their food once they have ordered it. If the food they receive is incorrect for any reason—for instance, failure to omit specific toppings or the wrong order altogether—they will be left remembering your restaurant for all the wrong reasons.

Utilising WaitRpads® is a perfect way to ensure speed and accuracy for all guests. WaitRpads® feature plenty of space to write in orders—all substitutions and requests included. Not only will this make the overall operation flow more smoothly by making it clear to the kitchen whose orders go with what customers, the decrease in mistaken orders makes for a happier customer. Additionally, less time is spent on trying to decipher orders, so food will get out quickly. WaitRPads® also make for a more professional and personal experience. They are much more professional than an old scratch pad, and they are more personal than recording orders on an iPad.

An inviting experience complete with quick, accurate service will keep your guests coming back repeatedly.
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